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city sparrow

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city sparrow
flying in the dark
counting all the stars
how many times
have you been lost?
how many lives
does starlight cost?
city sparrow

city sparrow
flying through the snow
to your winter home
on a windowsill
far from northern chill

you are safe
if you don’t look at the lights
you even like
it there now

bird of sorrow
sitting by the edge
of a brownstone garden fence
happiness lasts
the summer long
happiness ends
when worms are gone
with the first snow

watch or feel
one will help you die
one will keep you right
sparrow has two eyes;
sparrow never cries

you are safe
all lights are the same
you have lost your name now,

city sparrow
doesn’t feel hurt
knows the sky is dirt
beauty is his song:
beauty in the wrong

you are safe
among imaginary stars
you have always lived there now,
* * *