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Vacation Song 2

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* * *
last year you wooed a girl (didn’t really know her)
there were a few things you wanted to show her
far as you knew, no one had ever owned her
body or soul. she was completely pure

pure as she was proud
she knew you’d pick her right out of the crowd
she was vain
she knew her place
she wouldn’t deign
to look on your face
much less love you
too far above you

but if you told her how you pined
she’d say i’m sorry and feed you some line
ask why you care so much about how you feel?
haven’t you learned by now this stuff isn’t real?
then she’d whisper: you’re so far above me
very unsure: why do you love me?

you told her she was proud
that she knew you’d pick her right out of the crowd
and so vain
she knew her place
if she deigned
to look in your face
meant nothing at all
she just let you fall

yesterday night you saw her again
you walked a little bit faster but then
she caught up with you as you hurried away
you bit back everything you had ready to say
she stood beneath with the same sad grin
as if she’d decided to let you in

but you were proud
you knew she’d finally pick you out from the crowd
and so vain
you knew your place
you wouldn’t deign
to look on that face
you’re so far above her
you never loved her

you think you’ll find the promised life
go out and buy a house and a wife
to do whatever you happen to say
love you forever and the next day
futures like this are built to last
they come with insurance to keep out the past

who is still proud
she holds her head high as she walks through the crowd
and still vain
but she knows her place
but she won’t dare
look on your face
as for the others
they make fine lovers

if you meet her, you won’t break her heart
she knows how to stop love at it’s start
* * *