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New Songs Series: Road Song

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mayfly, mayfly
watching the day fly
you’ve forgotten how

you don’t ask why
you’re just a mayfly
who knows its time is now

try as you may try
there’s another mayfly
who looks and sounds just like you

born at sunrise
death in her eyes
she has no more time than you

you sit down together
to watch and to wait
you can tell by the weather
that it’s getting late

you kneel and tell her
there are only three things that matter
they are: birth, and making love, and facing death
she says, then what’s the matter
we have only one more trial left

you left skylines
and woodlands behind
found a nice suburban place

your neighbors are mayflies
watching as the day dies
each one shares your face

you are a mayfly
you know a mayfly
who knows a mayfly

we all are mayflies
watching the day
turn grey

turning grey

turning grey
* * *